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Greg Abbott, calling the situation at one location, housing unaccompanied minors a nightmare. Children at this facility are being sexually assaulted. We'll ask the governor about that. And how is state has avoided a covert rebound after lifting mass mandates and lockdowns and gun buy. Islands in this country is an epidemic. Get US reaction. Mr Biden's executive action on Guns Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Lee on Fox News Sunday. Then the idea of infrastructure has always evolved to meet the aspirations in American people in their needs. The president's American jobs plan goes far beyond fixing bridges and roads, will discuss his bid to win bipartisan support. The Secretary of Transportation. Pete Buddha, judge on Get Reaction from the number two Republican in the Senate. John Food Plus President Biden creates a commission Study reforms to the Supreme Court will ask Our Sunday paddle about concern among conservatives about altering one of the three branches of government on our power Player of the week. The top law enforcement officer in the Senate on being called to serve after the horror at the capital for right now on Fox News Sunday. And

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