Episode 376: Voyagers, Thunder Force, The Walking Dead, Slaxx, Night in Paradise, What Lies Below, This is a Robbery: The Worlds Biggest Art Heist, Two Distant Strangers, Them, Indiana Jones 5 News - burst 31


There's no way that you're going to take that painting and you know lots of people that listen now. I trained illustrator. I studied out for sixty. As there's no way you're taking the only seascapes the brand ever did and selling it on the black market without every fucking federal agent. Coming down on the. It's just not happening and especially these. Don't wanna be horrible to the The mafia or anything but these like slow time mafia guys in and around boston you take one of the worst fucking bits of art you possibly code and it's done i think someone burn it. Which is a shame. Because it's a great piece of work. Yeah i think it's gone. I think it's it was interesting. It was a very interesting story i was. It was clever the way that they kind of lead you to believe what the feds feds time. Which was the guy that does the cups in something to do with it possibly. Yes kind of leads you to believe that. And they'll say because. I thought as well it was there was a lot of love little twisty things going on and it was very interesting but yeah no satisfaction in watching four documentary about this actual air. What you what did you think shy. Yeah i only watched the absolute one Yeah i thought it was getting interesting gray. It wasn't really like super drawn into the subject matter to be honest but the way you described with the unsatisfactory wondering how this like heist went down and the ad is just like

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