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Surprising early election results in peru and ecuador indicators how fragmented the region is becoming politically francis emmanuel macron orders the closure of one of the country's top elite schools in a bid for education equality. And we say cheers to the reopening of bob's hairdressers and shops in england. Monaco's contributors tackle those topics today on the late edition here on monocle. Twenty four hello and welcome to the late edition here in monaco twenty four. It's monday the twelfth of april. And i'm carlotta rabelo coming to you. Live from studio on admiralty house in london. I'm trying today by monocle. Twenty four fernando super shakur and paid reynolds so welcome both back to the program for nando. I'll start with you first so usually your sunday evenings are filled with great new films. And you have lots to tell us on. Monday zero in the late edition. Have you watched anything nice this weekend. Were you busy. Watching the baptist. Tell us all about it. I was in for the first time. I didn't need to sleep that late because the buffed were here in the uk. Actually it was quite an okay ceremony. I mean there was some kind of mishaps there here and there but i love the speech from the best supporting actress. Young from minority. She plays the grandmother she was so financially was kind of. I think it was a mistake when she was giving but she said she's thankful for this knob ish british for enjoying her role in the film i think she said kind of it was quite heart warming as well and and that film is great minority is i would recommend everyone to see and i think it is out. It is available wherever you can straight by it do it page. You're nodding along Have you seen monari yet. I mean you don't usually join us on a monday. So have so many things to ask you so i guess one have you watched monari and you. What have you been up to recently. You know a maricopa. I haven't watched minera. It's on my list is waiting for it to to slip onto amazon prime. Which is where i do. Watch mesa films. I must say But it's on my list for this week. If i have time they'll call off of occurs. It's monday the twelfth. Everything has finally started to reopen in london. We'll be talking about that a little later on in the show of course but even kind of this lunchtime going into modern seeing a lot of this kind of restaurants which i've sort of been walking past and they've been totally emptied as now a couple of tables on the street. There's people eating lunch together. It feels a little bit like life is coming back. Even though it's snowing in some places in london it does feel like life is coming back. Some might be beginning. I feel good vibe. I like it wouldn't be british enough. If underneath that were allowed to be outdoors. it wouldn't snow or rain. I i when. I was walking into the office this morning. And seen you know some of the restaurants and cafes around marlow bone there were putting their tables and chairs out for this like split second. It's like oh yeah that's how it is to look because we've been so used to not seeing anything and having these wide pavements. Oh yes And i agree was so nice at lunchtime to see a bit of life back in london. Fernando page thanks for being here on the late edition let's begin. Today's program would look at ecuador and peru to nations that went to the polls this weekend where it surprising results in ecuador a win for conservative candidate guillermo lasso and in peru preliminary results put the leftist pedro castio in the lead fernando. Can you unpack these results for us. One thing that seems to show is just how fragmented the region is becoming politically very much so precisely because it's so fragmented i mean i would say don't trust the police because i mean we were here. Previewing the elections and kind of go wrong. I mean not. Not only as but if he most of the media evening peru Soggy lawsuit did win In ecuador is his third. try and it's interesting because then resume was the favourite to win. But i think cut out something very interesting here He was supported by file. Kway the former ecuadorian president which is popular by some but the problem is because he's being accused of all sorts of things is being exiled to belgian there is a segment of the electorate. From the left. I would say they wouldn't feel comfortable voting for andress and they voted in the first In in the first round to yaacov pat is and. I don't think the vote was transferred to the second round. So it's kind of that. There's kind of this more moralism a way attached to that as well and peru's completely different story. I mean we don't know actually who is going to the second round so far But pedro steelers rightly said and again. Nobody was predicting because you had seven percent of the vote is a leftist And it's fun even n. And his putting all when they show all the candidates they had like a picture of all of them except for they were like you know he's not gonna go to the second round But you know we'll have to wait and see but extremely fragmented it's going to be very difficult to govern peru would say whoever wins a patriot you make of Finance comments there. And i guess the broader question is you know. Is this a signal exactly. Because they're the unexpected candidates ones that no one is paying attention that the region is perhaps moving away from you know the big figures and you know the powerful landslide victories. That were used to see that side of the world yet suddenly feels a lot more fractured. I think at the moment. And you know i think within friendship politics. I think you can kind of look at it from a from a negative from a positive i think. In in times of uncertainty in terms of fracture there's also that for change and there's opportunity for other people are gonna push up from the ground and really kind of them. Which i think is exciting as kind of phenomena notes in ecuador if feels like that decision to not vote for under as rows because of his connections to klay that feels like maybe a new beginning for ecuadorian politics I was reading that. It's kind of move away from m- which is obviously the politics which defined a korea and perhaps would have divined andrey's rows as well And you know it's a difficult situation amendment as well with kind of the pandemic and a lot of hardship. I think people are really looking for looking for change because what's happening right now isn't working in peru terrible pandemic Impact there. And i think i wonder how that's really influencing people's people's voting decisions at the moment And you know me and financial discussing earlier is is that going to be another pink. Wave is is socialism. Going to kind of come up again. In in latin america and i think everyone sort of holding back at the moment on saying that and i think just in general. I think that the left is just so many challenges worldwide. I think It's a very broad church. And i think it's it's. It struggled a bit to adapt to a globalized world to meet those challenges You can look at in the uk. Look of corbin's defeat you know. Look at senator in in. Greece says well. I think you can see that people are kind of even within the left of very very factionalized at the moment. Maybe this is also kind of what's happening in in latin america. It's a trend that we almost corporate as well from europe. Because you know if you can see the traditional leftist parties they are losing quite a lot. Then you see the resurgence of the greens and everything. But if he had some points the left is movements they will have to have a proper conversation because otherwise they will keep losing elections Do you know what i mean. Because you need to combine those two types of voters even though they're becoming increasingly different but then give space for the right-wing parties to win forever. Well let's turn now to france where president emmanuel macron is pushing ahead with his plans to boost social mobility and last week announced the closure of the country's prestigious it called national that minnie's hassle or espn a which has been the training ground for french leaders and attended by macron himself agnes. Portia is a journalist and earlier. She joined us on the globalist to talk about. What the closure of one of the country's more elitist schools could mean for education equality. Let's have a listen to agnes explain. What was charles de goals. Grand plan when he founded a school at the end of world. War two the principle on which he founded.

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