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Your premise is the right one. Nancy. Um, first of all, as a general matter, this virus has been Just proportionately crushed communities of color. Azad said. Many times covered 19 didn't create these inequities, but it is certainly laid them bear everything from access to health. All the weight. Oh, as you rightfully point out who's Who populates are essential Work force. Andre. So we've done with our own budget with dispersement of the corona virus funds that we already have have done everything we can to try to address us in equities. Um, um, my optimistic my hopeful that we can find a way to drive money directly to those undocumented brothers and sisters in our state. Whether it's federal or other money. Yes, that's something that we absolutely want to do. We are the most diverse state in America. We wear that as a badge of honor on we know that A pandemic is like a lot of other things in life. You don't achieve success unless you bring everybody along. Not just some of us. Let's talk about Joe Biden's infrastructure package He wants to spend $2 Trillion to shore up roads, bridges thean ter Net, The green economy, The list goes on. How does the Biden package help a state like New Jersey? It's a it's a game changer. Think about who we are for Second Northeast Corridor, Densest state in America, located in the densest region in America. And a state that has its share. Of legacy assets. So when you look at what what could be in that package, and you look at what is already in our state on all time, high investment and infrastructure. It's a game changer. You know the Gateway Tunnel project, which is when you and I have talked about adding two new tunnels under the Hudson River. Tip. And that rehabbing the two that were there that were built. By the way, folks, this is not a typo in 1910. Um, offshore wind. Other roads, bridges, rails, tunnels to game changer for us absolute game changer, and it's a huge job spinner, especially for organized labor, and we are the quintessential organized labor state. So in every respect, it's a big deal for us. I would love for you to tell the portal Bridge story briefly if you could. I mean, that is really such a great example of what happens when you ignore infrastructure s. So this is a bridge in New Jersey between Newark and the Hudson River. Built again around 1910 and it's Zoe over a canal. It's a swing bridge. Meeting it swings out. Parallel to the water when there is maritime traffic. The problem is the bridge is so old when it gets swung back into position. You need literally manpower to hammer in. Of the bolt that keeps the bridge in place. And this is not just any bridge. The entire Northeast Amtrak spine goes across this bridge. So we we got I'm happy to say from President Trump the green light to replace that That's one piece of the so called Gateway project, but it gives you some sense of the

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