US federal court to decide fate of Dakota Access Pipeline permit


Representatives of the standing rock sioux tribe. Say the biden administration should take action against the dakota access pipeline standing rock and three other tribes have sued the us army corps of engineers for issuing an illegal permit for the pipeline under the trump administration. Now they say president biden should not leave it to the courts to decide whether the pipelines should be. Shut down victoria. Wicks reports brandon. Maui is a councilman with the standing rock sioux tribe. He says president joe biden should follow through on his promise to become a leader in environmental battles and protect the missouri river from potential. Oil spills. From the dakota access pipeline. So it's not just the right for us got enough to have access to those clean waters to ensure that those waters or clean the also millions of people downstream. Now he says president biden should do what other administrations have not done require. Us government agencies to sit down with tribes and nation to nation consultation and take seriously the expertise of tribal leaders. Maui made his comments at a news conference. Following an april ninth hearing in a dc federal court where a lawyer for the corps of engineers told the judge the agency doesn't intend to take action on the pipeline for at least a year after an environmental study has been completed in the meantime the pipeline operates without an easement standing rock attorney. Is john hassle men of earthjustice. He says in granting permits the corps of engineers has historically treated tribal consultation as a box to be checked haslemere says the corps should consult with tribes as an opportunity to learn if they had listened to the try from the beginning we considered where the pipeline was cited. This whole thing could have another federal court. Hearing is set for april nineteenth in the meantime hassle men in maui say standing rock will continue to pressure the biden administration to step up for national native news. I'm victoria wicks in rapid city. South

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