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And i think we can also just think of our body as a compass so instead of our body being something that's limiting us holding us back keeping us from doing what we really wanna do. We could look at it as like our actually has a lot more reliable information for us than our minds. You're listening to the mindful mama. Podcast episode number two hundred and seventy three. Today we're talking about how to heal your nervous system with. Kimberly ann johnson. Welcome to the mindful mama. Podcast now with over a million dollars here. It's about becoming a less irritable more joyful parent. Mindful mama we know that you cannot give what you do not have an when you've come in peace within then you can give it to your children. I'm your host hunter clark fields. Mindful mama mentor. I helped smart thoughtful. Parents stay calm so they can have strong connected relationships with their children. I've been practicing. Mindfulness for over twenty years on the creator of mindful parenting. And i'm the author of reason. Good humans a mindful guide to breaking the cycle of reactive parenting and raising kind confident kids. Hey welcome back to the mindful mama. Podcast i hope you're doing okay. Guess what. I have amazing news. I'm so excited to share with you. I got by vaccine. I'm so excited. I can huger the angels singing as i tell you this. I'm so so happy about it. We got to go on a nice vacation to visit some friends and charleston. South carolina did a covid safe outdoor mostly vacation. And then i came back and got my vaccine. Ab- so happy johnson and johnson one and done. I can't wait if you are yet to get your vaccine. I can't wait for you to get it to you and we can all do things in person again. How louis so. I hope wherever you are with that you're doing well. I hope that even if you're going into a lockdown place. I hope you're hanging in there. I know that this episode is going to be helpful. Wherever you are. I had so much fun talking to my friend. Kimberly in johnson and she's a somatic experiencing trauma resolution practitioner sexological body worker yoga teacher trainer birth. Dula in a single mom and she's the author of the new book. She wrote the book. The fourth trimester and early mother and classic so good but her new book is called call of the wild how we heal trauma awakened power and use it for good so i am so excited to talk to kimberly. She's also the host of the sex birth and trauma. Podcast you know. The thing is our bodies are telling us so much but many times were just not listening so in this conversation. We're gonna talk about how tuning into our bodies is really this starting point for understanding our needs improving communication and finding our inner jaguars. So we're going to talk about predators and prey and your nervous system. There are so much good stuff here. I know that you are going to get so much out of it. And i really want you to listen for three very important takeaways. One is hat. Our bodies have a register of everything that we've been through okay so they keep a register of that and also to how our social nervous system influences our behavior actions and this is such an important piece of understanding for us to have just about the way we work it's so so vital and then the third takeaway really want you to listen for his. How removing the judgment from our view of predator and prey. Energies can heal us. This is really really interesting stuff. Get to hear me talk about my artwork. All kinds of cool stuff in here so i cannot wait for you to dive into this conversation. I talked to her for hours and hours. And i know that you are going to love it and before we dive in. I want to let you know that if you're listening to this in real time we decided to do a very special thing.

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