Mel Kiper Jr. Analyzes His 43rd NFL Draft

ESPN Daily


Mel kiper junior the godfather of the nfl draft the president of mel kiper enterprises. Thank you so much for joining me. Man pablo an honor to be with. You love your work. And i'll tell you we're we're so close to the draft. Now i can almost hear that. I picked nnounced and we can get rolling with what should be one of the most exciting dress. We've had mel kiper. Junior is an nfl draft analyst for espn and he co hosts. The first draft podcast. I can feel the 'electricity coursing through your veins. Mel already and i want to get into your latest mock draft that you drought this week a little bit later but i just need to get my own mel kiper scouting report straight here. How many nfl drafts are we at at this point how many of you evaluated and analyzed. What number are we up to. We are at forty three forty. Three thirty eight on espn and since age eighteen. That's nothing but this. I've been doing you've done as a job. Only this is that correct. Couple worked at k. Mart and exterior through high school. But now this is this. Is it and i remember doing radio shows when i was eighteen. Nineteen all over the country. Everybody at the time. Thought i was forty years old. Nobody i was eighteen. Nineteen nobody asks say nobody can ask just heard me talking football talk and draft and whatever and thought i was forty nine eighteen nineteen.

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