They help change this country for the better


Negro League and Here's Charleston who served his country at age 15. He enlisted in the Army when he was 15 years old. Well, we recently discovered that he is buried in a nondescript Grave site there in Indianapolis on so as part of 1/100 anniversary commemoration. We're going back to him Indianapolis not only to commemorate the game. That was played there on May 2nd 1920, but also to put a proper headstone on the grave site of the legendary Oscar Charleston. And so that's gonna be a tremendous moment. I think for all of us because many of these athletes played in anonymity, we don't think that they should be buried in anonymity. And so it is important for us to shed light on these legendary athletes who just love the game. They love the game. They changed the game. More importantly, they help change this country for the better very much. That's that talk about everything that happened in this country showed up in a baseball field and absolutely right. Yeah, why? That's it's very well.

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