Old man Born in New York City's of black men, I said that because of the black community, one in six black men will get prostate cancer and one in 23 die of prostate cancer, So we're talking about it, too, will raise awareness. For every man, black, white and every other color and religion and create an origin. Every man, you're welcome to come here for a checkup. Check If you have cancer, not check ups say or if you have cancer to get a fresh second opinion with this man. 71 is the New York City policemen and a New York Career service person and the United States military men he came with his son and his girlfriend he was diagnosed have prostate cancer. Gleason seven. We know Gleason, Seven is a more aggressive cancer, everything Maura than police and 6789 10 Gleason scores of more aggressive cancer. His P S A was rising for two years had a biopsy showing

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