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This was a milestone week for california residence. Everyone aged sixteen up became eligible for the kobe. Nineteen vaccine people are lining up driving up booking appointments to get that job as the kids. Say there's a real sense of optimism that concerts open bar weddings. Even fancy tech company cafeterias will soon come roaring back but could are post vaccination future also get a little weird. The pandemic has opened up a pandora's box of questions and public health politics and technology but here are a few new ones bull society or institutions. Need to prove who's been vaccinated. How do we do that. And who keeps our health data. This is the information for one one. I'm cory weinberg on this week's episode. We're talking about vaccine passports. My colleague nick wingfield this week wrote about growing coalition of companies including microsoft and salesforce. That are working with nonprofits to make sure that the rollout vaccine passport does turn into a big mess. Then we check in with the hong kong bureau coin days wasn't the only startup this week that hit a major milestone toward becoming a public company. Singapore's ride hailing super app grab announced a huge merger with the back and china's didi trashing said that it had filed to go public. I'll talk to joe about these companies prospects. First let's get to vaccine passports. I'll start with a little personal reporting story last year. I was given access to watch an all hands meeting of the real estate company. Zillow as they were planning their back to the office strategy. One employee asked a question on a lot of people's minds with the company enforce vaccination for employees before they returned to the office. It's a question about health data so it was a little awkward at executives kind of sidestepped. The answer but vaccine enforcement could be an essential step toward reopening workplaces events and international travel. One of the first attempts is playing out in new york where people have been able to download a qr code onto their phones. That says that they received the covid nineteen vaccine or a negative test result for the virus. This is called the excelsior. Pass and yankee stadium. Madison square garden and other new york. News are already testing it but paul maier sees a potential problem with his new york system. There is that question of walled gardens. Should these systems be proprietary. What if i want to go to new jersey. New jersey needed you do. The springsteen my springsteen password york pass new jersey. Or what. If i want to fly to ruta meyer runs. The commons project a nonprofit backed by the rockefeller foundation that is trying to set technical standards for vaccine passports. It's called the vaccine credential initiative or vci the initiative has more than three hundred members including tech heavyweights like microsoft oracle and salesforce along with healthcare organizations such as mayoclinic and cigna but the company behind york's excelsior paths. Ibm it's not yet compatible. With the system that myers helping to create. If employers states sports stadiums mantra require proof vaccination myers organization. Wants to make sure that the evidence or that credential is compatible across systems some communities states make vision and we wanna be able to provide a privacy preserving verifiable trusted way of implementing there's policies they're put in place. Ibm by the way told the information. It is open to working with common pass. But meyer things that any blockchain startup or any airline that wants to kick up. Its own vaccine. Passport solution should connect into other systems not just ended up. Its own walled garden. Travel industry should be setting standards about how health date is and so i number start apps. There are a number of companies that have come out with solutions that are effectively. A proprietary blockchain solutions. That basically require anyone. Downstream shoe connects you or pay the technology provider. Hell digitize those records my colleague. Nick wingfield a senior editor at the information wrote about the comments project and vaccine passports. This week he was interested in part in this question of. Is there a prophet opportunity for some of these new digital health applications and what would a nonprofit like the comments project. Think about that. here's nick. I think they're concerned about is that maybe more technology oriented companies. Look at this as a moment of a to make profits really to make money off of this growth of digital health and their goal is is for this really not to be a source of profits but there are other concerns with vaccine passports in general should they even exist. Rhonda santa's the governor of florida put out an executive order that banned state and local governments from the proof. Vaccination documents jd. Vance the venture capitalist and author of hillbilly. Elegy tweeted earlier this month. That vaccine passport are the our way of giving a big tech even more control over our society. What vance is concerned about really is tech a thorough -tarian ism. He thinks that there are going to be records. That are created of where you of your digital health but also of where you're going to shop and venues that you're visiting and that's really an idea that that the backers of this open vaccine standard that i'm talking about in the story push back on. They say it's really Just about proving your vaccine status and you're testing status. It's a portal into all sorts of other information and this isn't a totally new thing. Parents typically have to provide immunization records for their children to get registered for schools and for decades people have provided health documentation to travel someplace internationally. Those are the kind of precedence that meyer of the comments project points to. I think it's a reasonable expectation that you know. People want to go places where they're not going to be exposed in and get becton. Myer says there's been this twenty year slogged setup interoperability standards for health data. What am i missing is consumer demand like most people wake up any morning. Thank god. I wish i had my ready dish. Last my health information but the pandemic could be a turning point to allow people to more easily gain access to their digital health records. It can be a kind of a catalytic moment to really accelerate the adoption of these interoperable kind of interoperability standards and empower people to get laxer In a way that can

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