‘Bachelor’ Matt James Dumps Show Winner Rachael Kirkconnell Over Racist Past


It. What's going on with the bachelor? They're having a little ratings trouble. The bachelor had a lot of trouble last night. Um, For one thing, this is the end of the season for with the first black bachelor and you know that there was a big scandal that unfolded. Wind up round up, knocking out Chris Harrison, the host of the show, who was not on last night. He was replaced by another guy named Emmanuel Art Show, and Chris Harrison is probably out for good from the Bachelor world. Next fall. They're coming back with two seasons of the bachelor red. He's not hosting it. On. The reason is That the black bachelor Matt James chose as not to be his fiance, But I don't know what his winner of the final Rose Ah white girl from the South who had participated in Plant, a plantation party. I didn't even know apart. We don't know about this in New York, Dewey, a plantation party. They go. They rent out plantations and dress up like it's the before the civil war. And the governor's these southern governors with the black face from years ago or the sick? Yeah, And who knew that this was going on? I mean, we don't in New York. We don't know about this, but This was a shock that this girl participated in this ante bellum party and subsequent when the news got out in the pictures were published in all the tabloids, especially the English tabloids picked us up very fast. And what happened was Rachel Lindsay, who had been the first black bachelorette Interviewed Chris Harrison for extra and showed him these pictures and said, What do you think of all of this? And he defended it and said, Well, I don't know. Maybe this was okay a couple of years ago to be doing this. Well, certainly not ever OK? And, uh, Rachel Lindsey said Theo said to Chris Harrison on extra. We'll look at these pictures of this plantation party. What role would I play in this party? Well, obviously, the role would be slave. And this was like this stopped. This ended Chris Harrisons career cold and stop the conversation. And this woke this guy. I met James up to the fact that this girl that he had sort of proposed to, uh, you know, had persisted. Hated in this racist party. Well, of course last night on the show. He dumped her for good. And and she had Tonto try and explain, although very inadequately how she got involved in all of this and that, and she said she never even thought of it. If anything, She started dating a black man on the bachelor and didn't think to herself. Oh, you know, two years ago, I participated in this completely racist activity. It didn't even dawn on her. So, uh, you know, very strange stuff. The audience really tuned out during this conversation about race last night. They did not want to hear it. They only want to know about the bachelor and bachelorette when it comes to rose petals on the bed. And, you know, flying and hot air balloons. You know over Mexico, but they don't want to know anything bad that's

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