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We're gonna be talking about google contact center. And i'm not just saying this because you're here on an is honest truth. I've been hoping one in this composition for a long time because our history. If you go back far enough is rooted in alexa. Google assistant and the voices and spirits. And we've been working in this all contact center environment and customer services for a while and then we see. Google released this kind of suite of tools. The seems to have in some parts from history with with google assistant and all this kind of stuff in very similar technologies. and we've been been exploring it for awhile and excited to see where it goes and what you're up to so thank you much for joining us citing citing. Yeah there's a lot of history there with assistant and yeah we can talk about. It's it's an interesting story but it. What's what's interesting is that it's really exhilarating in the last two years. It's been pretty pretty impressive. What we've been able to deliver and really happy to release a led technology now until it's all coming together and we're seeing great results so happy to cheryl that nice. What's what's what's who is it. That says underwent a plan comes together is bigger is gonna plan comes together nicely. Well well on any join those. So you the head of compositional nine contact center at google cloud jonah. Tell the people tune in a little bit about what the rule is what you do on google cloud and how that relates to i own the product the product suite basically. So whatever touches conversational. I for google cloud which is now set of a set of product so some underlying technologies like the speech to text. Api or text to speech api. Some of the amelia technologies that we have but on top of that really. What's interesting. is the various products. No dalek show. For cell surrey's channel bots voice and chat the agent assists to help human agent do their job better and getting sites. And what's going on in real time as they were talking to customers and the latest one is insights which is coming verviers soon which is about understanding all your contact center and everything that's happening they are so it's kind of a product suite under the umbrella. Ci and yes. I own that. I have a team of product. Managers that Do a job at delivering on those products from helping drive a change in the market with this nice so i was just trying to put the lincoln in lincoln. So you mentioned the Some of it has a history with google assistant. Let's unpack that a little bit. So where i come from. And what relationship. If any have with google assistant technologies it started about four years ago. I think some somewhere around that where we did assistant actually did an acquisition of a company. Api and the. I was A tool to help people build better. Google assistant interactions turned out. That in google cod. We were really interested with this technology and the cloud. Google customers actually started using piano the i to build bots for arna a prize and it became dialogue so and so we started planning a little bit working toward more entreprise use cases with alec flow as as assistant was working on their own on their own path and were sharing a lot of the nfl. You underlying the technology but as time passed we so much more traction in the enterprise and had to separate ourselves a little bit in terms of how you manage the the system itself and elliot's fairly common but the system you know the the designer the interaction the web hoax infrastructure the security level privacy that we could provide with allah flu can a diverse and about i would say about two years ago. We started embarking on a new journey toward larger on it so we had their early over. I think we have about one point. Five million developers now in dallas so signed up but we saw that big move award. Large large companies like verizon and likes that wanted to have a lot more flexibility and being able to handle more complex. Use cases with their varietal agents Migrated toward what we just launch in. General is but at the same time we expanded toward agent assists and insights we added to the portfolio so the history starts at a piano. The i four years ago. But i think they're somewhat of a split about two years ago to address the large enterprise cases those use cases and so for those who you mentioned. It's this this dialogue floor the cx was created. There is agent assist olympics and insights. Those are the those are the the full men compo- insects out yet but inside his common. That's right isn't it. Yeah so. It's a early preview right now. It's coming on in in In preview the states kind of bit is a new term. Like we don't have alpha beta anymore. We have previews and j preview previews coming out. I think in the next month and now it takes care is incites is no analysis product per se. It is it is inside. So floyd assists on sites had the three main main products. And i'm accents. Okay then so. Donald flows has been used a lot for goodness actions as well as chump dot says wella's contact center etc for those up in the day a more than likely have experienced dialogue floor in some shape or form. So what is it. The drove the need for dialogue floor. Cx whetted cx come from. Sussex is more graphical. It's it's slightly different to. Es what's the history. Yeah that's actually very important. So essentially asks is basically dial for the daleks with everybody knows that the prior version she will that was meant to build simpler interactions. So one or two turns. Maybe three turns if you if you really need to go a little deeper but some people have called it like slot failing type of bots little bit of that no s something getting tencent and entities and do something where the work or cloud function fairly simple. But when you talk about larger apprise they need to handle much more complex use cases longer. You know five. Ten twelve fifteen turns in conversation or you know things that lasts for two or three minutes on the voice side and being able to handle that without floor essential was very difficult. Because linking intense between them. The nfc between intense was a little difficult to do and the visual builder was a big improvement where you can see a complete flow manage the transition in dragon drop. Ui all without code was really important to a lot of customers but it really doesn't stop there Dallas came from a need for better predictability in spending for example so the pricing model is different. Secession based rather than a turn or fifteen second incriminate. It has a skill ability Capabilities that are much higher so delicacy. Excellent handled forty thousand intent in a single implementation issue. Compare that doug. Flu central two thousand ten. You can have mega agent on it. Which allows you to go to twenty but cx with forty thousand and ten and we have customers that are in the many many thousands fifteen seventeen thousand intents so it does happen that you need this kind of skill. It also has a lot more features toward ivr's when you used alpha essentials. It's unlikely you're going to replace your vr and hence your vr with. It's more about knowing if you think about assistant. Its interaction with smart device.

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