Should the Bruins Trade Jake Debrusk?

Bruins Beat


Is an exception this year with the Bruins and it feels like Jake asked is someone who people are open to moving on from zero five one five goals. Thus far not noticeable in many games just bought a games where you kind of forget that he's out there you pointed this out to me initially. I wanted to update it cuz I think you put the stat out like a week and a half ago. But basically Jake debrusk a month for words with at least two hundred minutes played this season has an offensive zone percentage of 69.08% That's V in the league. Basically, he's not always in the ozone. So it's not like this. It's not like Sean kuraly who I think has a 19% in the offensive zone. It's depressing like that. Is it that's a really tough thing to eventually get up for but zero five one off. Bowls, always in the ozone not doing much. I will ask the question. Is it time to move on from Jake debrusk?

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