Washington D.C. coronavirus vaccine registration website falters again, despite assurances


Hour, D C is once again explaining why it's online vaccination registration system for Cove. It continues to have issues which are frustrating eligible residents. DC's office of the chief Technology officer says there was a six minute delay and activating the website this morning because peak traffic was more than three times higher than last Friday, D C is now working with Microsoft on a pre registration system. Alleviate the problem. Ward six council member Charles Allen telling W. T O p. They need to move to this new Methodist quickly as possible. The headaches of having this weekly competition where the website and call center and frankly just been unreliable. Just makes the case why we've got to move to this pre registration system. Asked if anyone might lose their job over the constant issues, Mayor Bowser chief of staff telling W. T O P in part that they have a demand issue, which is double edged. People want the vaccine. But supplying technology are not meeting it and that D C needs. More

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