Jump in hiring fuels optimism for economic recovery

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How optimistic do you think where she soon was being here. Because of the economy is going to be pretty slow next year but the level of growth he full custom next year so seven percent and i think that would have been the fastest growth in one year since nineteen forty one. Clearly there is a good feeling that the vaccine is going to get the economy moving again quickly and britons are gonna now. Wallet's pretty rapidly. Yeah i think that's the hypothetical christina crappy for here but the forecasting growth of four percents this year which is probably less than some of the other people forecasting. So you know they met. The grateful costs may be broadly. Realistic is worth noting that in the lots of parts of the forecast period growth through tends to so rather than anemic one point six one point seven percent. So you'll got feeling is the people are going to go out and spend when the lockdown finally ends you know. There's a lot of optimism around wishy cenex forecast. The biggest one is around. Christmas mentioned question public spending. That's where i think. The budget started to rebel. Most quick read come. They possibly afford to public services in the wake of the pandemic on the current spending envelope without putting up taxes. And i think that's the problem. I have a feeling already in my bones that the second budget that she not delivers in twenty twenty one. The one in november is going to be much tougher than this one. Because this is one of the things. Chris that i think when you start to dalvin the detail that yes it's sixty five billion pounds on spending but in that of these cuts to government departmental spending and of course we know. Boris johnson doesn't like the idea of austerity and given the holding public services of being through the idea. That you're gonna chalk back government departments by full billion-a-year doesn't look it's realistically happen. Does it is not going to

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