Podcast Namespace Talk with Andy Lehman

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Like to welcome. Indie lehman to the podcasts. How you doing. I'm doing real well. Thanks andy does a additional plug in. Or what do you call that. An add on or just a standalone plug in that defending alone. Yeah the depends on the blue blueberry power press plug in right and He knows a lot more about this namespace stuff than i do or at least some of the thinks so. I figured i'd get him on here and we'll talk about You know. I don't have atoms little intro thing but sexy space. Serve space talk there. We go so Are plug in a blueberry. We've added the I believe location locked. Transcript something else but Not value the The funding tag and andy. Here's got a plugin that adds a whole bunch of other ones. Yeah so i originally created my plug. In based on the fact that i knew you guys gonna to it at some point but i wanted to play with it right away so i i developed a plug and it would add these other other tags in so. I'm supporting locked. Funding contact information transcript. Chapters person might season and episode. Those are the tags that i'm currently supporting in my plug in. Okay very good. yeah. I think we. We do season in episode for apple's tags but not the not the podcasting name spacer. It's called officially it's the podcast namespace by podcasting two point. Oh or the podcast. Index names to the same thing

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