Schmoozing and the Gender Gap in the Workplace


Thanks so much for joining us. Thank you for having me here in your paper. You take advantage of the fact that at this firm you studied the managers rotate from team to team. Which creates these kinds of pairings. Were sometimes you have a male manager and a male worker a manager and a female worker and of course female managers and male or female workers as well and that gives you kind of this interesting experiment that you can use to see what ends up happening in terms of the subordinates. Getting promoted so take us through what you found so the first step this just how people end up socializing with each other in these different parents that you describe and the first finding is that for men paired with male managers there is a pretty significant boost in the share breaks that they spend together and for female. It doesn't make a difference so whether she has a female manager or mail manager. The time they spend together is more or less the same. Oh that's interesting so there's something unique to the mail manager male subordinate pairing. That leads them to spend more sort of nonworking social time together while at the office. Is that correct. That's right and what we find happens next is that the career progressions also look quite different. Depending on whether a male employee has that mail manager versus a female employee has the mail manager so in other words specifically that the men tend to get promoted more quickly when they do have that mail manager and for women. It didn't matter at all that's

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