#219 Future State & Superman of Metropolis #2. - burst 9


Yeah so for. The most part future state was was pretty good. I enjoyed most of everything that i read. Not too much was was a chore. You know i'm joan you don't want reading your reading a chore been there you know you just keep reading because you're gotta support. This is my character but not getting the joy out of the. You know your dislike okay. Let's do this cry but all right and sounds great. I'm glad we're on like we wanted to do more future. State times gotten away from us and like we said at the beginning. There's been so much things happen in dc with tv and film and everything that it's been ridiculously hard to keep up with everything unless you don't have a life and sadly we have lives so yeah this is true. We don't get to read as much as we like. I mean i'm happy to say. Read most of future state you know. I bought some books and part of it was online. Do

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