A highlight from The Productive Podcaster | EP25: The Faster, Easier, Better Show


Podcast or is my way of helping you. If you're someone who's interested in podcasting but just unsure what to do how to do the show you that there is no cookie cutter way to do it. I have people on here tonight interview. Who have podcasts. At a productive for them in their way and they show you how they did it for those who have been podcasting and you may want to learn a little little tip here. They're they're here to help you with that as well. So i want you to is well. It's not the first time. But if you're a veteran i went to the as well let everyone know the productive podcasts. Here for you to help you get through it. Now as we start off every episode we started with a segment. I call pros and cons pros and cons pros and cons frozen. Cons is where. I give you the professional podcasts or a pro tip on how to be a great podcast stuff so the first thing that i want to tell you this this need to know what your podcast for. And who is for us. Well what what's it about. Who's your audience if you don't know who your target audience is. I want to tell you this you might not want to hear. Your podcast is not really going to get an attractive because no one knows who would four. You have to let the people know who. You're pike at this four but before you let no you have to know who your guests is for research that write it down. Put an avatar together. Find out who that podcast is four. Then start your podcast. So that's pros and cons for today now today. I have a very special guest. If i always have very special guests this one. Her subject matters near and dear to my heart as productive. Podcast and i want to rain into her. But not right now right after this message so stay tuned. We'll be right

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