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You dot org's Redwood Credit Union for all that you love, equal housing lender from the Children Auto Body Traffic desk, some delays in the South Bay for trying to get into Santa Cruz. South bound on 17 right at the summit. The right lane is shut down for maintenance work. It is now backed up through the redwood Estates area. Also the Montague Expressway on ramp to North Bound one on one Is partially blocked with the crash there. And if you're on North bound one on one heading up towards Gilroy, but his echo Valley the right lane is blocked. It's backed up the highway 1 56 in the Prune Dale Westbound 80 sluggish Carlson all the way down to the MacArthur Maze. And if you're heading for the Nimitz, South bound is congested as well. From 2 38 2 Winton Avenue in Hayward, looking good in the San Francisco just a minor toll plaza delay and the metering lights are off of the westbound Bay Bridge. This report is sponsored by Home Depot at the Home Depot. They believe a job should work for you with a convenient location, Great co workers and many choices apply today at

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