Canadas Vaccine Hunters Have Tips for Booking Shots

The Big Story


On jordan heath rawlings. This is the big story. Josh calvin is a software engineer. But that's not why you know him. He is one of the people who developed the vaccine hunters twitter account and discord server and anything else. Josh facebook page facebook page. Where did this all start. Why and when and how. Yeah so vaccine hunters candidate started our creator. His name is andrew and originally he was just looking for to get his parents like a vaccine appointment and he was able to eventually do that but he realized that like this was really challenging to do and he's pretty computer savvy being a software developer so he found vaccine hunter dot org which is a website in the states and was doing a lot of vaccine awareness. They did a lot of like leftover vaccine things but he he founded. That would probably be something. We could use in canada regardless of how or vaccine rolex going or anything like that so he created vaccine hunters dot ca and also created the twitter account back centers can and created a discord servers. Well which is for those. That don't know what that is. It's kind of like a chatting tool similar to like an instant messenger. You might have at work with different chatrooms and things like that and that's how it really got started In the focus was on real time information Mainly around vaccine awareness where people could book appointments how they could book appointments and helping people book appointments. We do not hang around outside vaccine clinics or s health workers. We have zero tolerance for any of that behavior Looking for leftovers. Were trying to just help. Fill every possible slot with a vaccine. How long ago was that. That andrew started this He started at church so it hasn't really been that long. It's only been really maybe a month. Maybe just over a month at this point.

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