Putin Warns of Russian 'Red Line' Amid Standoff


President Putin has warned Russia will deal swiftly and harshly with any country that crosses what he called it's red lines. But he gave no indication what those lines were in his state of the nation address. He accused other countries of picking on Russia, but said Moscow only wanted good international relations on domestic issues. He placed stress on improving citizens living standards and reviving the economy. Affected in recent years by international sanctions and the pandemic. Andrea Walker looks at the challenges facing Mr Putin. Russia has felt the economic impact of the global health crisis. Another decline last year was a relatively modest 3.6%. But for much of the last decade, Russia's economic performance has been sluggish. Economic output per person on approximate indicator of average living standards has been stark is around 45% of the level in the United States. The International Monetary Fund has said that to restart the process of catching up with the rich countries Russia needs far reaching reforms to improve the climate for business and reduced the economic footprint of the

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