Interview With Mayor Aja Brown, Mayor of Compton


Today may are asia. Brown joins us on skimmed from the couch. She is the mayor of the city of compton. California she made history back in two thousand thirteen when she became the youngest mayor ever elected in the city at the age of thirty one now mayer brown is almost done with her second term leading the city and is credited for lowering. The city's unemployment rate reducing crime and creating economic development in the area mayer brown. Thank you for joining us. Welcome to skin from the couch. Thank you for having me. It's a pleasure where we're thrilled to have you. So we're gonna champ and their first shane. Which is obviously your politics. You become a public figure but what is something that we don't know about you because we can't google it. I'm known to be really funny amongst my of ones. A my husband calls me the person that he knows we. This is like some high expectations now for this interview. Are you funny like up comedian. Funny i don't have this really sharp. One liners i like it and also did. I heard that you guys are high school sweethearts we are. We actually connected my senior year in high school so he actually thinks funny then. Because he's been with you for a long time so we are gonna go way back. We'd like to start in the beginning so talk to us about how you grew up. Our people surprise up with you that you went into politics. Our backwards. I think people bet i grew up with or that have known me the majority of my life. They knew i would do something in a leadership role. I never had an affinity for politics. I think that i came into the political. Realm was surprising for some people. But i had worked in city government for a decade and so it was kind of a natural projection to some perspectives. But as i was younger and growing up. I was raised by a single mom. I have a twin brother had a lot eleven. My home my mom. She worked really hard to take care of us. A we struggled a lot financially but growing up. I really didn't know. I was poor because i'm not make a big deal out of it and so as got to high school when i started learning about poverty figures and i'm like mom you actually do not earn a lot of money. I don't know how we were able to survive but i'm almost is such a strong leader and really imparted the power of vision for my brother. Nine we bought in and we just worked as a team my whole life so i had a really beautiful upbringing

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