I would love to say that we found this. But Chris Mitchell


Southern sings exactly. This dude crushes on this is Ted Lasso on steroids to the 20 ft Power headed no doubt about it anymore. Give us another one. Jake 6 18 1967. One time I got a name. My grandma beat me for cheating on. You know he didn't practice this. Oh, was it something? He was looking in the mirror with delivery How it's going to look, No, this is all the stuff that he heard or remembered or came up with. This is a real life dead last so completely. No doubt about that. Ted last was nothing above green, former head coach Montana Tech. Jake, give us another one. Just like that. T bone steak dinner with all the trimmings. They played a complete game. Where was this guy at post SportsCenter. Right. Where was that? All these years? That this guy retired back in 2000 and 10 house 11 years ago. How did we not hear about this man? Even the August? Yeah, it all got star because if it's him his last night part of our last word. We

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