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Pleas for air captured in merciless detail. On the camera phones bystanders. It played too many as a brutally accurate depiction of the relationship between black citizens and white police a monocle. Twenty four hours the foreign desk shortly afterwards. We spoke to chuck ramsey black veteran of several american police forces. Who rose to become the district of columbia's chief of police and commissioner of the philadelphia. Police it started with someone allegedly passing a counterfeit twenty dollar bill police respond. He's in a car to get him out of the car. That's all video. Handcuff him sitting down then. They bring him to the police car. I would imagine to bring him to the station. he probably stiffens up rather than get right into car. That is not uncommon. It happens all the time you spend a couple of minutes talking to a guy. Come on man you know we gotta do this blah blah and get in the car or you call for a patrol wagon and which is easier to get people into than a sedan or an suv next thing. I know he's on the ground. He's already handcuffed. He's not resisting you know. They got him on the ground. There's an issue of positional asphyxia. I'm sure that police in in england know all about that and train as well. If you have to put someone in a prone position face down you leave them there too long because they have difficulty breathing and any kind of neck compression in most departments is just out of the question anyway although unfortunately minneapolis is not gotten rid of there choking technique. But this isn't even a choking technique a need to the neck for that extended period of time. He's not trying to take them into custody hand in his pocket. I can't explain it. And so i can't explain what was in his mind. I think it was appropriate. He was charged with murder. Because that's exactly what it looked like to me. George floyd was very far from the first black american to die at the hands of american police. In juba circumstances he has not wretchedly been lost. Even as derek chauvin stood trial for floyd murder there were protests elsewhere in minnesota at the fatal shooting of dante. Right a black man by a white police

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