Red Bull Looking Strong at Bahrain Grand Prix Practice


I. around bravo and joining me today to discuss everything is motorsport becomes editor jonathan noble. Now john how are you good. Thanks very much enjoyed today. Actually for for a friday practice session and we've had some boring ones in the past. I loved it. how did he find the show's format. I really liked actually. Because sometimes you an hour and a half. He often set there. That the teams will do nothing for the first twenty minutes so boring installation apps in the afternoon will be lost in long runs and Today there was no. They couldn't waste any time. They had to get out there to be doing stuff. I think what may happen is we may get a pattern. As the season progresses in terms of when they do new laws and old tires or long runs and short runs mixed up today but it was really frantic. had a little bit extra spice to it and you sense maybe teams have had to show a bit more bit more pace than they normally would like to on a friday. I feel like sessions had a lot more energy than we used to like he said and it was just nice to not have those gaps that you used to practice sessions where you just sitting around waiting for more to happen. Maybe it's just the excitement mean back of the cause on track. But i definitely loved it today now ahead of today. Of course one of the biggest topics was red bull locked and the fact. That mercedes want looking. Quite as good as what we're used to. Max zappa and topped the sheets for both sessions today. But what are your thoughts on. How right boy looking the looking strong. I mean i think. Sergio perez is first race weekend for red bull. Those kind of a big step for him to get in their new car new team new concepts all that sort of things He's he's admitted. Single outpaces lacking at the moment doesn't think he's at one with a car he's probably having to over. Think a little bit too much which suggests pacers and coming naturally to him. Which is he's ended up six. Tenths off max. Today but for max kind of the the perfect star

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