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Hi everyone it is. Just kit and cynthia today and we are going to be talking all about friendship. I am just watching sex in the city for the first time and the power of female friendship is just so highlighted in that show. And it's been making me. Think about all the amazing friendships. That i have in my life and we were just chatting on the phone the other day and we were like we need to make this podcast so i hope you guys enjoy and maybe we could just start off by talking about making friends as an adult. How do you do that. it's like in kindergarten. You know you would just go up to someone you think is cool and be like hey do you wanna be my friend and when you're an adult that's a little bit different. Might seem a slight bit strange to do that to a full grown human. So how do you go about making friends as a grownup as a big kid. First of all. I'm a leo and i'm born the year the dog so i am loyal to the end and i still keep in touch with friends of mine from high school and you know on a regular basis in i just feel like i can't really let go of that you know. I think that shared background is something that i think. It helps me to have either in some way to remember. You know what a fun childhood. I had our or fund younger self. I had when you can have friends that you've had that long. It's like you want someone to remind you of a lot of those good times. I think there are a lot of people that when they're younger. They're born in an environment where they don't really fit in or they feel like they can't find their people their best friends. Do you think that those really strong relationships have to start from the early days or can you make those lifelong bonds later in life. Yeah oh for sure. I mean i think that obviously people are going to evolve as they get older and i moved to a whole different city and have a family and have been through a lot. You know so. It's like of course i've had various connections in different relationships and friendships because of other people in my life that were important or work or who not life brings new people into into your world all the time. And that's great when i was a girl scout There was a song to sing. That was went. Make new friend but key beal pleased jinxiang here or just say it make new friends but keep the old. Some are silver and gold. So you know. I do think that it's a nice thing to keep those friendships. Going nut you know are from a long long long time ago. Still talk to my boyfriend from when i was fifteen all the time. I don't know i just it's an. It's a nice thing to kind of keep that thread. It's a foundation appeals grounding to me it feels like if i ever get to you know bulla myself they could care less and would cut me right down even going through some really tough times to be able to. The comfort of an old friend feels really good. Yeah i mean for me thinking about it. Like i am twenty one and i've never been in a serious relationship but i'm i'm gonna get like choked up talking about this but like i really found my soul mate in my best friend who has been my best friend since i was like five years old and we don't live in the same city anymore but eventually we will both love new york but we're both in school now and she goes to two lane and we talk on the phone day and like i know for the rest of my life. She's going to be there for me. No matter what through everything and i'm so

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