Is Zach Snyder's 'Justice League' a Good Movie?


The very controversial for so many reasons for content reasons for formatting reasons i saw so many memes about the fact that it was reformatted. Four three zack zack. Snyder's justice league has officially dropped. We say dropped on the internet right. It's not like premiering a movie theater. It's just dropping on on. Streamers is fishy dropped on hbo. Max there's a complicated back story where zacks under had to leave mid production because of a family tragedy which is very sad judd app not try that patel just we took over just we apparently was a total asshole and there were all sorts of lawsuits. About what a dickey was and then you know. The film by many fans was not felt to reflects what zach snyder intended and there was long discussion of a zacks undercut image. Peo- max put in seventy million dollars to shoot a whole bunch more footage to make the zack snyder. Cut of justice league. Come out for years later. This is an interesting story because it is different. From a lot of directors cut stories. A lot of directors cut stories are ten years later. I'm grateful the studio give me access to the archive to rescan the negative and re-cut it is very rare in fact i can't think of an example where someone's like four years later. I got an extra seventy five million dollars to shoot additional footage to make an alternate movie like it is. Is there another example. That are missing where somebody got that. I don't know but what i do know. Is that in the history of film. There have been many many many directors cuts and extended editions and versions. That were revisited. We've talked about some of them here before. And most of our audience familiar with many of them It is not unheard of obviously for there to be something that prevents the original vision to be completed by the person who had it. And obviously there are many instances where somebody could go back and try and piece things together. Only orson welles. A number of times We even talked to. I talked to walter merch about going back in and recruiting and working on touch of evil. There are the magnificent emerson's with him as well. I think he's one of the early versions. Were early famous versions but bladerunner famously for anybody mir charles age And so much inbetween. It's such a common story but this one does stand apart because yeah he was given basically a massive feature film budget to make more of it his version of it and it is an interesting thing like will this happen more often. Will we get criminal. And saying actually i want to shoot a whole different ending too dark dark knight rises fifteen years later. Because i've rethought it. And i wanna go into a very complicated sort of relationship between the artists and the work when you remove the theatrical premiere and when you open up the idea of shooting original additional footage it is a it's vastly different so Full disclosure wasn't able to finish it have a two year olds. Get very sleepy very easily. Don't have four hours with two year. Old where i can watch the whole thing but universally in my social media of the people in my life everyone i know seems to have really enjoyed the new cup more than the last cut. I do not understand why people hate on sex neither so much. I genuinely enjoyed his dawn of the dead. I thought it was solid. I also am a like. I wanted to get into movies. Originally to make watchmen. When i was nice school. I don't hate his watchman. Cut like everyone else does. I don't understand whether so mad about it. I think people to hate sex. Neither for some reason that does not make sense to me. I'll also disclosed and then michelle. I know michelle is actually watched both right but so i have watched the new one. I watched the snyder cut. I did it. I made it through. Well di i not a big comic book movie fan. In general i have seen many of them though. And i did not see the original justice league so i had to do some research on what changed which was really interesting to me. I also actually really think highly of him from a visual standpoint. I find that even when he's not like a lot of the movies directed this one included. The material is just not great in my opinion but he's visually so committed to the bit that he does that his sequences really worked for me. And i think he's a great comic book movie director choice. Because i think he's really. His camera is like ballot. Check i think his action sequences are visually compelling. And i think his approach like to me the thing that felt the weakest about this. I mean obviously the some some major casting problems major script problems but all that aside i think it it mimicked. Some of what marvel does too much sometimes which i don't really like. They're some straight up. Like this is just an avenger. Seen but not as good. And i don't really love what it was in the first place personally but all my my personal take aside. I think filmmakers He is just he really doesn't. He's earnest he's not tongue in cheek and sometimes it gets a little silly and you might laugh. But i think his earnest approach to how dramatic he is with his camera like from dawn of the dead to the three hundred to a and tackling real quick charles before michelle I think that warner brothers is known to have some really tight released times. They don't have the same war chest that disney does for like they. They set these release dates. They they have to make them. I'm not going to get into the wise. And if sets really true but and that puts a lot of pressure on finishing something and delivering something. And i think that some of the the flaws in some of these dc comic book movies have to do with some of that some of us so anyway onto you. Michelle i f Well done on watching. The center is a endeavor. I i think i knew what the runtime was. But it doesn't click in my head until i was watching and the timeline at the bottom. It has like how long you've watched. And i miss read it. I thought it was much like when it said two and a half hours at the bottom. I thought that was a total Not they meant time that i had laughed and that was quite a surprise. So it's long. Don't don't kid yourself jack. Knifed mini series has parts could have been released in parts. My first input. If you will is i feel like i. Keep reading the quote snyder cut. That snyder wouldn't release in two thousand seventeen and i would argue that. I don't know this is i. Don't think this is at all what would have been released for so many reasons. It's a it's a post weeden post tragedy post. Hbo max snyder display. I don't think we would be able to release a for. I could be wrong. A four hour epic in a theater in twenty seventeen. I don't obviously say that. There are many teaser. There are changes are subtle there. Some people have pointed them out and in terms of very subtle and different. Like stolen changes. That i think are in there now. For example there's a billboard others billboard in the city at some point in the messages you're not alone and a lot of people have guessed that something that snyder put in in reference to his daughter. Like these little things that have been put in log away 'cause post years of reflection on it and i just don't think not content aside just the run time. I'm not sure how many people really yes for hours within a theatre. Let's do it. I don't know if we the same. i do. Think a really interesting experiment if anyone ever wants to ever play with this idea of same footage different story concept of how to edit something together. Because i started watching the josh sweden version the same evening. Don't do this same evening through off after watching case for a minute i thought you were. You said you meant side by side like you had to i. Four by three setup does allow you. I will say to have it on the side of my screen. As i was like doing some work so i will say the former three at least helpful in the arrangements of your browser window because like i'm not cutting anything off because it's not a letterbox or other format so the four by three is is is makes it easier to have the size. No i tried watching the conversion right. After some of the scenes giving away some of the scenes that feel pivotal in the story. Line are like thrown in the credits. The opening like oh i get with. This is going to do you. I don't know if i can sit through

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