George Segal, Veteran of Drama and TV Comedy, Is Dead at 87

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Actor george seagal has died at eighty seven after complications from heart surgery his career spans six decades from the longest day to the goldbergs. Purist bob mondello has this remembrance. He was an idealistic painter. In ship of fools scheming prisoner of war in king rat a biology professor savaged in the domestic brawl. That was who's afraid of virginia woolf but it was his lightness in comedy that endeared george segal to audiences whether trying to scare his domineering mother to death in. Where's papa or starting an affair with glenda jackson in a touch of class about your wife. We've been married for eleven years and not once in all that time. Have i ever been unfaithful to her in the same city. She now down. In more recent decades seagal had settled comfortably into tv stardom as magazine editor. Jack gallo in just shoot me. And for the last eight years as pops in the

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