Weinstein Challenges Extradition to Face California Charges


Harvey Weinstein is fighting efforts to have him tried in California on sexual assault charges the convicted disgraced producer made his bones by becoming a Hollywood mogul now Harvey Weinstein is trying to avoid a trip to California to face the sexual charges that were included in a recently unveiled indictment his attorneys have filed an appeal based on a paper work technicality in the case a judge has granted the request for hearing now set for April thirtieth however the judge rejected a request by wind Steen to grant what his lawyers called a humanitarian delay to let Weinstein have procedures done to both his eyes and his teeth once then it's been charged in California with assaulting five women in Los Angeles and Beverly hills from two thousand and four to twenty thirteen as he did in the trial that led to his conviction and current prison term Weinstein has maintained his innocence and contends that any sexual activity was consensual I'm Oscar wells Gabriel

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