The History of Ludwig Bass Drum Pedals with Steve Zemanek

Drum History


Look into drum history podcast. I'm your host part vander z. And today i'm joined by. Steve's manic steve. Welcome to the show. Thank you for having me appreciate it. yes so today. we're here to talk about your Awesome new book the ludwig line bass drum pedals And i gotta give a shout out to. Vincent ward a great friend of the show who has Referred to you on multiple occasions on on his episodes as being a you know kind of a guru about pedals. He's a great guy known for years of leading recommended nate. Thank you vince. So i'd like to start just by hearing a little bit. About what got you into this very specific you know Area of of not only drum history. But then ludwig history. So this is pretty specific. What what got you into this. Basically i've been playing ludwig drums since i've been in fifth grade and through all the different mechanisms in the years i ended up with bass drum pedals and it's just a fun thing to do doesn't take up a lot of space and i'm just had a ball. Yeah that is a great point. Because i i found myself in that world of i don't really collect them but i've had multiple over the years of the the japanese drums where i've bought them because they're cheap and i can afford them. It's like similar the bass drum pedals where it's small. You can put them on a shelf. I wish i was the guy who had these Like mike colorado had six hundred fifty snares scattered around my house. But unfortunately i'm not so That's cool. I just love that that. There's a real purpose to it So ludwig is widely known as basically inventing the You know the bass drum paddle as we know it today. Nineteen o nine. I know that there's yes like anything. There's people who probably debate that around. The world may be someone did it. A little earlier. There's the overhang pedals. There's all that but For the sake of ludwig and you can touch on that as much as you on the who did it. I stuff but Why don't we start at the beginning here of Of the ludwig line of bass drum pedals. Well ito you're absolutely right. The debate could rage on forever in a day a their claim to fame as they made the first commercially successful pace drum pedal.

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