A highlight from Do You Truly Have What It Takes To Succeed (Part 4)


Three to one and we're back. Juliette is lovely april the fourteenth and we are picking up where we left off and this is our fourth day of doing this topic and i don't know if you know this but we've never done a four topic are for show to over one particular topic so this is this is the first true episode. Podcast we've done congratulations. I guess it's an important topic you know is kind of broad. I would be a little bit worried if we got that one covered in one podcast and this is the theme. You guys got to go back. Listen to the past three shows. We've done this topic and this is show four. And it's really you really. Do you really have what it takes the succeed and the feedback. We've been getting a lot of these points. It's been wonderful. Some of you guys have sentenced some feedbacks questions where you're willing to clarify what we are saying. And of course we've been more than happy to lie but really the big takeaway was and the point of this. Podcast in being the fourth episode of this topic is to really expand your thinking make you think bigger shake you a and maybe put you in a position where you will realize that you have been making a mistake. Or maybe you've had some misdirection in your life without knowing. Actually i wrote this down. Let me see if i can find it Here we go so shortcuts exist to distract you from the correct path and shortcuts compound. And you never find out and basically until too much time has passed. And i think that's kind of an interesting little synopsis of the past three days where the podcast and shortcuts. When that happens it's because they become a habit and you don't even realize that those shortcuts and work arounds and you know skip steps are now your new reality until there's a catalyst in most cases something kicks your butt. Something surprises you. And then hopefully you get into coach mode and so really the best way and this is again. We're going to pick up where we left off yesterday and the point number. What are we on today. July point number eight seventeen well a little bit of seventeen eighteen and the nineteenth. Then we've actually covered. All the topics are all the points but really the ultimately with shortcuts. In getting back to what i wrote down if they really do compound in other words when you do one little hacker one. We'll shortcut then in order to eat you. Then start building on that shortcut and then you don't really realize i'll give you for example. You decide that you don't wanna be proactively generator you decide to be based business that maybe occasionally does some proactively generation. You decide that you're going to scale up a big a buyer's agent staff. You're going to buy byerly just gonna work on your branding. You're going to work on your internet marketing. And get to work on your social network. You're going bub-bubba you're into all these things and so what happens. Is one thing has to happen for the others to happen. So if you hire by our agents then you're gonna have to higher than most of you're going to fall into the trap of buying buyer agent leads if you hire buyer agent leads then you have to then hire someone to manage those by leads and maybe even Work with the buyer's agents and then you're gonna have to work in your branding and then you're gonna have to do all this. These are all the mistakes that compound. Because you tell yourself. If that's the correct path to be marketing based in proactively generation enhanced where we take the exact opposite stance now here's the fallacy in that business model. I in the in the business. Now that's basically perpetuated by by everyone really but us in the fallacy is.

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