All Disease Begins In the 'Leaky Gut'


We know that diseases are inflammatory diseases. Practically every disease is a disease of inflammation at the cellular level. The cell is on fire. So it just depends. Is it a brain cell or a kidney. Cell is a gasoline or kerosene. But it's always a fire. So that's inflammation so. The goal is to live in anti-inflammatory life with all of what that means and it takes a long time to really dial that down completely for an individual but you just get started. Professor fasano and his team published this year. He said and this is the quote on the the title of the article. These guys don't exaggerate. You know because people would love to take him down and say look with this guy cena but he's so careful. in his language. The title of his article all disease begins in the parentheses leaky gut. All disease begins in the leaky gut. Well what about alzheimer's all disease. What about rheumatoid arthritis all dizzy. What m s ought psoriasis eczema. Migraines all disease begins in the leaky gut and this is what they're teaching our cutting edge physicians at the top medical school in the country. Right now is that there are five pillars in the development of all chronic inflammatory diseases and if your listeners understand that there are five picture that this is the big kahuna concept. If you understand this concept than all of the information that you pick up in podcast like yours or in books that you read like mine or in summits and things you're able to compartmentalize that information into one of the five pillars so that you can hold it because there's so much information our world today we get overwhelmed really easily

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