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Are so dan. Thank you for taking the time to come on the show and talk to us. We definitely appreciate thank you. I take an opportunity now. We definitely appreciate it. So so then your story. I mean you got many layers from unions to being a political candidates author. So let's kinda start at the beginning talk about a career in telecommunications how did that how did the split a ma bell like affect you directly and i was gonna say but some of our younger viewers and watch. Can you explain it in just what my bill was. Chair ma. bell was World for a lot of people that work for the phone company and it was the same place to work. You never have to worry about your job going to weigh. It was going to be there for life and a lot of diets. He's gonna started that way. A lot of people. There are grandmother work their their mother worked there and then they work their in in their expecting their their daughter to work there but a lot of things happen around nineteen eighties. When was mci world com was trying to get into long long distance business. Because that's where the money was done and We eight hundred block everywhere they could so finally they sued in federal court and the federal court said. Well you can either give them all this money or you can just break up the whole thing no longer a monopoly or whether they call it ought oligarchy. Company agreed to that. and in the meantime. Nci went belly up. They're no longer around enjoying the spoils of their Lawsuit so it was a scary time. We were used to having to gloves and compete in the open market and A lot of companies went by the wayside more were gobbled up by seven companies are created in the wake of the waco. Rageh up there we go sorry. And so let's created all new world and eventually sbc on texas of mine everybody else out and They changed their name day g again because everybody knew that

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