Dating Post-Pandemic: How To Have the ‘DTR’ Conversation?


Been virtually seeing someone during covid and now that we're coming out of the pandemic we're about to have more impersonal dates and i like to progress this relationship. Ford how do i have the d. tr conversation defying the relationship conversation. Coming out a it and knowing that most of our relationship has been virtual interesting. I'm so mixed on the dtra. You are very yes style. I buy personal experience. I haven't really had them that often. They've just naturally become that it got to the point where it was so obvious that it was an exclusive relationship. But it was kind of like. Oh you're my girlfriend right like we may simply been that way personally. I'm not a huge. Dt are person but if people feel the need dt are than. I think it's really coming from like. Is this going to make you feel more secure on it or like maybe the first step is like why do you need to are. Maybe that is the first question that you need to ask yourself like. Is it that you feel like you need a tr. Because that's the thing to do is that you feel insecure is that you want to like maintain kovic safeties still. 'cause i think there's nothing wrong with saying like if we're gonna like sleep together. I wanna make sure that you're not sleeping with other people. I think that's different than even dtra. I think that's just like a precaution. In a way the whole virtual to non virtual is very interesting to me very tricky. Personally i don't believe like i i might offend some people by saying this but even if you've been talking for months and months virtually i don't know if you've actually had a first date yet i think like every situation is different so maybe it will automatically translate into that but i just don't know if you can make that assumption until you do it so i would probably suggest to just have that first date not have the dt our conversation and see how it flows and then if things are just naturally like at the speed of whatever you were doing virtually venue can start to bring it up as things. Progress more in

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