Tesla’s Demand Is Through the Roof


That's the stock. After popping up in the pre market from the story this morning did fade throughout the day. Finishing down one point one percent to six hundred and sixty three dollars fifty four cents that compared to the nasdaq which recovered to end the day. Finishing up four tenths of a percent as getting into the electric story. This was published about three hours before market open today. Article headline reads tesla's demand is through the roof already. Sold out this quarter. Electric rates quote tesla's currently seeing exponentially strong demand for its vehicles as it is already sold out for the quarter according to sources familiar with the matter and quote expanding on that they also right that quote sources familiar with the matter told electric that tessa communicated to employees that production capacity for the second quarter is already sold out with still almost two months left in the quarter and quote. This would follow. Elon musk's comment on the qn earnings call at the beginning of last week. Where he said demand is the best they've ever seen now. It's not really unusual for tesla to be quote unquote sold out for a quarter. I would say happens. Most quarters in fact but generally that happens in waves in accordance with how tesla decides to you. Prioritize shipments of vehicle for example were five weeks into the quarter. At this point in time it would be pretty typical for maybe international deliveries to be sold out as tessa would be prioritizing and be production of for overseas markets so they have time to ship it deliver it within the same quarter then a few weeks after that we might predominantly see the east coast being sold out and tesla just prioritizing production for delivery in california where that surround time is the fastest selling out for an individual quarter. Wouldn't be anything new but to do it at this point in the quarter again just five weeks in would seem to be. I don't know probably the earliest. We've seen that happen in the last couple of years. Oftentimes and past quarters. We've also seen tesla offer a small quarter and incentive to make sure that people either take delivery when they're scheduled or as a way of balancing demand in a specific location because tussle authorship vehicles before they actually have orders in anticipation of demand in that location. But of course you can never forecast those things perfectly so some of those quarter and incentives can help bounce those out notably. I didn't see any indication of doing anything like that in key. Want

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