Troubles Pile up Ahead of Ethiopia's First Polls Under Abiy


Tens of millions are expected to vote in critical national polls in June. They'll be the first parliamentary elections since Prime minister at the Cabinet came to power three years ago. The BBC's Calculon you, Belle tell looks ahead. What the elections mean for Africa's second most populous nation. Maybe he's just come. Pains are gearing up and voting day is fast approaching. It's an election marred with controversy long before its season began. It was supposed to be held last year when the pandemic hit. It was rescheduled. Delay amplified tensions between the federal government and the other leaders. Off progressed. It Ushering in a disastrous conflict. Now it's six months. 1.7 million people are food different. Thousands of Children have been separated from their families. At the time. Political elites integrate accused the prime minister of attempting to stay in power illegally and help their own regional election which the government in at this intern deemed unlawful. In other parts of the country. Violent incidents have continued to claim civilian lives, disrupting the electoral process. In the most populous cystic or MIA, two major opposition parties are not running concerns over on a better violence in the absence off some key opposition groups prompted some, including a number of U. S senators to call for Paul's to be rescheduled again. Meanwhile, the European Union has canceled plans to send election observers next month. It couldn't agree with the Japan authorities over the perimeters off its mission. The government, however, size up holding elections are instrumental for upholding democracy. Democrats in Daytona guff, everyone competing parties, the public. The government have to work with a great sense of responsibility so that democracy is not aborted so that there's no turning back from the journey was started from which we saw a glimmer of hope those of us Ethiopians who do not wish to see a kind of

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