U.S. Sends More Firepower to Middle East


It is a truism of foreign military adventures that getting one troupe. Getting one's troops out rather can be at least as big a challenge as sending them in. The united states has deployed additional aircraft to afghanistan to protect its troops as they packed their kit prior to the anticipated departure later this year nearly twenty years after their first predescessors arrived that the us withdrawal will be popular with. Americans is in little doubt but there are political risks for president. Joe biden as well. Especially if a taliban resurgence this look less like withdrawal than a surrender on joined with more on this bite lukens former. Us diplomat now senior partner with cigna global advisors Lou how worried should the joe biden administration be about the next few months. Obviously what they're keen to avoid is people dredging up all that archive footage of people fleeing saigon by helicopter andrew. Yeah so i mean the irony. Is that in in an effort to withdraw. Our troops were sending more troops in in the short term to secure the the The removal of equipment and the withdrawal of troops but joe biden is definitely determined. Have all the. Us troops almost all us troops out by september eleventh. The real danger. I mean there's two. There's two dangerous here. One is at afghanistan just descends into prolific political turmoil and chaos and the other is at it reemerges as a base for terror attacks on the united states. I think the first scenario. Political chaos in afghanistan. Americans won't care that much about that. There are those within the political and diplomatic establishment. Who will care deeply. But the average american won't care that much. Afghanistan is just too far removed but if the al qaeda and taliban are able to re form the country as a terror basing site An effect terror attacks on american soil. From there that will will will send a strong message to joe biden. That you've got to do something maybe go back in there.

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