Cruz Ramps up Criticisms of Big Business

The Young Turks


Let's talk about ted cruz in a new opinion piece for the wall street journal. Senator ted cruz pretended as though he wants to hold corporations accountable. But it's not due to their mistreatment of workers or the fact that they tend to severely underpaid the very people who make revenue for them. It's because he's worried about culture and how corporations are engaging in it. It's titled your woke. Money is no good here. Where ted cruz pretends if he's not gonna take corporate pack money argues the corporations have taken advantage of republicans for too long. I won't take their pack dollars anymore says crews so first off. Let's just acknowledge and get out of the way the fact that we don't believe him i personally don't believe him. I think that in one way or the other he will take money from corporations because otherwise how is he going to do what he does. This is this. Is ted cruz bread and butter. And the fact that he's pretending like he's not going to take corporate. Donations is ridiculous. But moving. Moving aside or moving to the other part that i wanted to bring up you know. He angrily writes about how these corporations are speaking out against georgia's voter suppression law. And he believes that that qualifies as engaging in whoa culture. Don't to be clear. I do think that the democratic party has a problem with quote unquote woke movies. And get to that in a minute. And i want people to understand that. It's actually a very nuanced issue. That is hurting the democratic party when it comes to local elections when it comes to the federal elections and we'll discuss it but crews argues that had these watch me woke it up. Ceo's actually read the bill. Instead of parenting the radical left talking points. They have discovered. They have no idea what they were talking about. A clutch of businesses or business leaders tried to win woke twitter points and clown themselves instead now. Obviously none of this is true. Corporations after being pressured to speak out actually did say that the voter suppression law. Georgia is a problem and it is a problem.

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