Judge Orders Release of DOJ Memo Justifying Not Prosecuting Trump


Judge in dc ordered the justice department to release a document that they've been trying to keep secret for years. Now it's the document. The justice department drew up to justify not bringing criminal charges against then president donald trump for obstruction of justice. Judge amy berman jackson and her blistering ruling this week said that trump attorney general bill barr and other trump justice department officials had essentially lied to the public and lied to the court about bars decision. That trump wouldn't be prosecuted despite the muller investigation laying out more than ten potentially criminal instances in which the president acted to obstruct the investigation into russia. Interfering in the two thousand sixteen election to help trump win the presidency of the justice department is under very very very new management. It's going to be interesting to see if the justice department. Now under attorney-general merrick garland follows judge jackson's ruling and releases document about not prosecuting trump. Or will they appeal to continue the trump justice department's efforts to keep that documents secret. The clock is ticking. On that we've been watching this every day. Now because they've got less than two weeks to either file that appeal or let that document see the light of day and in either case it's to be a really big deal. If we do see that document and as the judge hinted in her ruling it turns out that bar and the trump justice department never substantively considered the evidence evidence against trump if it turns out the evidence that trump committed obstruction was just ignored. Well that puts a very hot potato. In the lap of the new justice department leadership under president biden as to whether they might pursue those charges against trump nail

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