One Woman Dead, 5 Injured in Shooting Outside Ohio Strip Mall

Murder Minute


In ohio. A drive by shooting at a memorial vigil for an earlier homicide victim killed a passing motorist and wounded five people in the crowd including a twelve year old child. According to columbus detectives group had gathered at around seven pm last saturday in a ping plaza. Parking lot south east of the city to mark one year since their home aside victim was killed at the same location. In april of twenty twenty twenty eight-year-old jaren hickman was killed thereafter. A drug deal involving marijuana went back at about seven thirty pm. Police said dark colored sports utility vehicle drove past the vigil and someone opened fire injuring five people and killing one thirty nine year old latoya carpenter who was driving past. The location was fatally struck in the head by gunfire and crashed into a parked car in an apartment building. Parking lot next door carpenter was pronounced dead at the scene. All five of the victims at the vigil who were shot were taken to hospitals and were in stable condition. Mayor andrew ginther posted a message on twitter. Saying quote enough. Put down the guns. We must come together to end the violence that is tearing community apart. Share what you know with police to get dangerous criminals off the street. Police said to me in custody and asked anyone with information to contact the franklin county. Sheriff's office

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