Apple Launches a New Remote

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What upgrades did we get with this new apple. Tv four k remote will. This was a long overdue. Refresh the change the color first and foremost it's now a much easier to find silver kind of like the older apple remote new directional pad as opposed to just relying solely on gestures which let the old or most recent apple tv remote had others new power button and siri. Button of the front of the remote is now relegated to the side. Got it so. I know you have a chance to use it. This was just announced yesterday in the presentation. But what are your early impressions of this thing. As before long overdue the original apple tv herbs sign up the original apple tv but the most recent apple tv remote had a bevy of issues for a lot of people. It's was very slippery it's small. It was easy to lose inside a couch. I don't know a as you mentioned. I haven't had a chance to use yet. This could still be all those things but on the surface. It looks like it's a lot easier to use especially because it has the directional pad as opposed to just using a track pad and the fact that it has the power button for turning on the tv is also easier. You could do that before on the apple. tv but now there's a dedicated button it just a step easier as opposed to having to find the right button on the original right colleague. David katz myer says that the remote control is the biggest upgrade to this apple tv. Four k box In terms of size you mentioned it was easy to lose that original controller like Impression that the upgrades. The changes were improvements. Made this new one will solve some of those annoying issues. It looks like it's a little bigger. Which should be easier to hold in also easier to find in the fact that it's the aluminum looking silver all around supposed to just on the back with but the previous from are having it all black front or largely black front mid easier lose. This hopefully will be more noticeable. I do wish however the they put in that you w one chip than the ultra wideband ship. So you could find. It was the same way you can find air tax. Wish they did. That doesn't seem like at least right now. It's in

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