A highlight from #451 Justice


And welcome back to the casinos. Inca show would meet your host agassi news anchor and this episode before five one. That's four five. One of the agency knows english. Show how you doing how you feeling. Great good to know it be i. I'm take up the show. The cheap to make sure. Smith i like but hit subscribe any comment below w much history. The podcast app a louis. Sheriff i saw review go along way tilt spread the show. And if you wanna put chevy a patriot you can't be patient comfort. Augustinas patient comfort as a g. s. t. i n. h. To support a chauffeur's is one dollars at both episode free bonus episode via patron. Only if you subscribe at patient or conferences eight g. o. s. t. i n. h. o. Get involved in it today. Don't delay why are you doing. How's it going. How's it going. It's been an eventful eventful. Forty hours or so for football fans all around the world. I think it does. It does really. It does really bode well. You know to see fans over the world kind of gathering and basically bring

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