A highlight from S2E8: CITO - Cache IN Trash Out


Two thousand and two and since then there have been more than three hundred and sixty three thousand volunteers. That's joe cashiers showing up to all these events and they have had eighteen thousand cedo events now these events. You might notice on your geocaching app. Show up as little blue in green icons that kind of looked like a small earth. Geocaching dot com has to cedo seasons in which you can earn a souvenir but you can also do cedo outside of the souvenir times. The first season is march. First through may thirty first and the second season is september first through november thirtieth so if you attend a seato event or hostess cdo event during that time you can earn a special souvenir cedo events can take place any time of the year though you want to host a cto event. Here's some tips. You need to know first of all. Pick your date and location like a regular cash. You need to make sure you have permission to be there so talked to the park rangers. Whoever you need to whoever owns that property who's responsible for the property. Talk to them. Get permission to have the event. Pick your activity. Are you going to clean up trash. We can do trail maintenance if you don't know what to do talk to the property or land manager and see what. They suggest. See what they need. Fill out a cash ommission. Page on geocaching dot com posted at least two weeks prior to the event date. This gives you time to get it approved and time for people to see it. You can post it sooner. You probably don't wanna post more than three or maybe four weeks ahead of time. If you post it too early people might forget about it if you post it too late. People are going to have time to show up so keep that. Might you need to provide information such as any supplies that you will provide any supplies. Volunteers need to bring themselves if there. Any potential safety concerns such as poison ivy on the areas that you're going to be working at or if there's any if you're cleaning up a highway if there's cars nearby if you want to limit the age group that information needs to be listed on the description page i've seen cedo events where if you're doing it near highway you may not want to have small children and keep that kind of stuff in mind and posted information your description. The more details you can provide the better off. You'll be and the better off. The volunteers are going to be like other caches. See to events are reviewed prior to the cash being published. Once it's published you need to promote it. Invite your friends. Invite your family posted on your facebook. Social media pages posted on any community boards in the area. Sometimes parks will have community boards. That you can post things on if you're doing it at a park or sometimes libraries have community boards where you can post information on. Get the word out there. Whatever you can do to get the word out there a couple of days before your event you may want to post announcements on your vint page. Something like hey. Everybody can't wait to see you there or excited about the upcoming event by posting announcement. Anybody that's rsvp will get a notification that there has been announcement posted and this is a great way to act as a reminder for people that this is coming up so they don't forget to show up to it on the day of the event get to the area early set up any sign in log or anything that you may have get any supplies. You're providing ready. Make sure you watch your email you. Go cash messages. And the event page for any last minute questions. That might pop up. Welcome people as they start to arrive. Logbooks for events or optional. If you do have a log book a direct people to the logbook as they're showing up so they can sign in before starting. Make sure everybody knows what the plan is and what they're supposed to be doing. You might want to set up a meeting point in time at the end to debrief and thank everybody for coming to the event. So let's say events just aren't your thing. You're not big on them. That's okay you don't have to attend to that to help out the environment you can always pick up trash on your way to cash or cash location. I like to keep walmart bags as part of my cash kit. So that i have something to put trash. Why i'm out there cashing. You can also look for opportunities when you're not cashing parks. Departments and local organizations often hold different cleanup events that you can attend or just pick up trash while you're taking a walk around your neighborhood or something. There's all kinds of different ways that you can help out the environment whether you're cashing or not. So there's no spoiler alert for the cash. Highlight this time because the cash highlight was a seat events and events. Kit archived after they happened. So there's

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