A Rebuttal of the Most Recent Bitcoin Environmental FUD


Listen i don't want to have to be reading this piece today in the same way that nick. Carter didn't wanna have to be writing it earlier. This week but mainstream media insists on continuing to peddle nonsense around the environmental impact of bitcoin and other parts of the crypto industry. So here we are today on long reads sunday. I'll be reading nick. Carter's peace on bitcoin. The gray lady embraces climate lysenko wisdom. How the new york times wields junk science in their attacks on bitcoin. I want to thank the formerly emma new york times. I read their latest article on bitcoin at five thirty. Am this morning. And i was immediately jolted into a state of alertness. No coffee needed their latest missive. On bitcoin's climate footprint is so poorly researched. That once i read it. I knew i had an immediate duty to push back. I've transcended resignation at this point. My current attitude is astonishment. I am simply amazed at the new york. Times published such shoddy work presumably. Someone at the new york times knows about bitcoin. Why would they put through such a week piece. did they not think it would face pushback. Here's the article in question in coin bases rise. A reminder crypto currencies us lots of energy. there's another equally in an article on. Nf from the same author. That i don't have time to get into but suffice to say the authors take on tees is woefully inadequate. The context here. Of course the new york times tried to take down coin base uber style by publishing hit piece after hippies on the company following see o'brien armstrong's commitment to keep the company focused on the core corporate mission advancing the usage of crypto currency and refusing to wade into any larry culture wars or political conflicts. Reasonable enough right. Not in. Current here is unforgivable. Crime of staying focused put a gigantic target. On coin basis back caused the nypd to direct considerable resources to tearing down the startup thankfully the nypd manifestly failed and was humiliated when coin bass rose above and had the most successful direct listing of all time yesterday and the third biggest public listing ever.

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