A highlight from BK Previews NFL Draft & 49ers No. 3 Pick with former All-Pro Eric Davis


Daily. Putt jazzed with brandon krisztal. I want everything i want. All the meatballs and pasta happy wednesday broncos country. Were eight days away from the first round of the nfl draft. And you can feel the buzz starting to build a little bit. We're gonna talk to eric. Davis longtime forty niner won the super bowl with san fran. I give him a hard time about that. Then he was with vic fangio and carolina as tell us and he spent a year in denver before detroit and colonnade a career but a really good career an all pro pro bowler and a really knowledgeable football mine. He does a nine ers podcast. Now on the belief podcast network on monday we had phil smith. Who does the jags. Podcast and phil was great but when you got a guy. Played the game at the highest level for as long as eric davis did. He's got some really really good insight on the niners what they might do with the third pick as far as what's going on elsewhere. There's dante smith wait now thing. I guess We knew skinny hundred and sixty six pound six foot. Marvin harrison is bruce couple hall of famers that were one seventy three one. Seventy four coming out of college show. Maybe demonte ciment dozen him because he will put on a little bit of weight. All people make the case that he's been in alabama which is essentially a program in fact air talking about that being a program To some degree and he didn't put on any weight there so i don't know i think he probably goes third or fourth amongst the wide receivers but will get a little more into that. They'll closer to the draft. Come on and see my contract. Dave logan down and talk wide receivers with a guy that obviously was such a good wide receiver for so long Also today brittany bowlin and michelle barron from ucla. Who's their infectious disease. Expert and brittany. Vp of strategic initiatives has been in charge of the broncos covert efforts at the stadium at the facility and and everything that goes into all of that they provided vaccine all at the pablo and field house for any broncos player coach alumni employee of the team full time or part time cheerleaders as well as any family member. That's in the household with any of those folks so they got four hundred doses secured and brittany told me on the conference. Call that we did on zoom with the number media that she thought all is not most if not all would be used the two hundred two hundred in a couple of weeks They were doing the pfizer vaccine You can go to their social channels and see some the video of it. But britney's said some interesting things and so i wanted to give you three snippets of someone who likely may take over. Four her dad. And that's actually where we'll start. Do these out of chronological order when they happened in the press conference. But this is in some ways interesting. Because we've talked to a little bit about it. And and she tends to be pretty politically correct but i appreciated even though she didn't want to dwell on the chance that she went all the legal stuff worked itself out if it does When we get to that point she has a chance to take over for her dad but she was asked pointblank about where things stand in in the idea that she will sit in her.

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