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You have good week. Yeah you know. it's you know. Almost i feel like it's almost november halfway to november. I know time keeps ticking. Away on us. Doesn't it fall break his next friday. Thank goodness just kind of that time of year. Where like i can tell that. I'm starting to slip a little bit. Like i need an oil change real bad in my car. My my right blaker is definitely out I don't take my mail in my house. I just throw out my back sees a pile i just you know. It's just time for old break. Little rest relaxation kind of deal. Everything tuned up and ready to go. You know little refresher myself. What day of the week in is every day. I can relate to that exactly what you're talking about. It's good though it's been a good semester. So far i think no i agree in it. Just as the years. Ed cliche but Trek on they just slip by faster and faster and faster. Seems like without a doubt young. Right time just drags. I feel like. I've been teaching for seventeen years. I'm just gonna leave that one alone. There's no way out late. no way out. I mean where it's like the really cute old lady and the top of it says. I don't know you're talking about i feel great. I've been teaching for whatever and then at the bottom like i. I'm thirty seven like eighty seven. I'm starting to feel it a little bit us. It's we all live in that world. no i think Fall breaks coming up. I think all of us could use that time to recharge your batteries. You talk to some parents per teacher conferences looking forward to that. I think it's i think that in a negative light but honestly i do look forward to that opportunity because with parents so same lots of them come out. She has do some fun stuff. You'd have. yeah we're my son year it is. He's excited about deer hunting and he has been for a while in fact he is just kinda got a one track. Mind in that regard. So you'd swear if visited with the kid that his dad was davy crockett which couldn't be further from the truth. I mean i had a little bit when i was a kid. My dad took me out. But then i lost. I don't know if i'd say. I lost interest but it didn't. It didn't drive. Yeah when deer season roll around. I was like oh. That'd be fun to do. But i wasn't that guy that was anticipated months in advance or anything and quite honestly school to go. No not at all but Now that he's come of age in starting to look at those things when i come. He's not really ready to go out and do but he wants to be involved with it and so he's just driving hard the other night. We went out and we attempted to sit in the tree. Stand you want to be safe. So we're all harnessed up and everything is all. The clamor is looking to practice run. Well that was. It ended up being that. I think we're ready for the full boat but when we got there we realized we worked so it turned into. I think we scared any deer that was in. Two miles are clamoring in order to get the stand and get ready just turned out to a nice night. Just be together. We didn't see anything. Still thank me for going through the jungle. Yeah so he He was excited about. It was good out there. Jira tony first grade also wielding a weapon doing this kind of thing. But he's he's ready. He's ready to go get so i've never been hunting. I've never been hunting in my life. I just don't like being outside when it's cold. It's like yeah i i can to be honest with the kennan enjoyed this. You know refound rekindled whatever you wanna call it.

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