Surveillance video of a brutal


Encounter between a stranger and Noriko nasally and her boyfriend, Michael Popkin. Barger. It happened around 9 30 Thursday night. The man has a weapon, what appears to be a rock or a heavy object that he's swinging inside of a sock. He strikes the woman in the face and knocks her out for a few moments. Theater hacker then swings and strikes the woman's boyfriend in the head. I talked to Michael, He believes this was a racially mode. Debated crime. The guy that hit us just black. She's Japanese, and I'm white. She's a little 100 £110 Asian. He definitely targeted her. Michael needed eight stitches because of the attack. I asked Seattle police that the incident was racially motivated. And if they know about the history of the attacker, there's still reviewing the surveillance video and investigating this crime. Seattle police confirm arise and anti Asian hate crimes Over the past few years there were 14 reported in 2020, compared to nine year earlier and six and 2018. SPD encourages anyone to come forward if they feel they've been the target of a hate crime. While cities like Seattle Clear homeless encampments build you getting ready to host one next month more now from comas, Jonathan Show vicious, the well manicured lawn behind Temple but NATO or on the Crossroads neighborhood. We do this because it's our mission Starting next month, the temple is paying $3000 for a fencing. Rabbi Sydney, Danziger says up to 40 homeless men and women will be allowed to set up right here. These are just Good working folks who are looking for a stopgap. This will be the latest stop for 10 City for an encampment that moves around from one community to another. This time around the Jewish Temple, the city of Bellevue and homeless advocacy group share wheels are partnering. To make this happen. We

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