Obamacare would get a big (and quiet) overhaul in the Covid relief bill

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The covid nineteen relief bill. That passed the house on saturday and is now making its way through. The senate includes an expansion of the affordable care act health care legislation. It would be the first significant expansion of the aca also known as obamacare since it passed in two thousand ten white house correspondent marine groppy reports. This would primarily helped people in two ways. One is for the first time people who are making more than four times. The federal poverty level will become eligible for help paying their premiums so for example if a sixty four year old woman is making fifty thousand dollars. Right now she's not eligible for help but under the law for the next two years she could get subsidies that could make her premium dropped from about thirteen thousand dollars a year to just about five thousand dollars a year. Secondly people who make one hundred and fifty percent of the federal poverty line could get additional subsidy help they already qualify now but the extra help would allow them to buy plans without premiums that have much lower deductibles than what they can afford right. Now there's also incentives in the bill to For the twelve states that have not expanded medicaid under the aca to give them extra money in hopes that they will do so to cover people below poverty in their states who don't currently qualify for medicaid. These changes that are in. The bill are expected to stay in the question for whether they become law is whether the entire bill passes. It's not expect to get much. If any republican support. The democrats need to stay united in order to pass the legislation and get it to president biden's desk and these are provisions that he has promised he has supported and once in there and he's expected to sign the bill into law go relief plan which also includes fourteen hundred dollar checks too many americans and more could enter. Its final stretch on wednesday. Senators may begin. Twenty hours of debate on the measure. That's expected to come to a vote later in the week. Majority leader senator chuck schumer said tuesday. That democrats have sorted through disagreements and now have their eyes set on the deals. Final details senate. Democrats are committed to passing the american rescue plan to crush the virus. Recover our economy and deliver help to americans who need it the most. We're on track to send the american rescue plan to the president's desk before the expiration of the enhanced unemployment benefit which occurs on march fourteenth. I expect a hardy debate. I expect some late nights on the floor. The bill could become law as soon as next week

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