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Virus pandemic. No matter how long it does actually end up staying. The wheel will start running once again today. I'm Terry Rouse. Kgo 8 10. We're learning new details of a deadly crash that took 13 lives in Southern California A B C's Alex Stone reports just before the crash, the Border Patrol reports surveillance video shows two SUVs driving through Ah, Hole in the border fence. One appears to have been the expedition the crashed the Border Patrol, saying everybody inside the SUV had entered the country illegally. The second vehicle dinner was a Chevy Suburban It's severally Caught fire 19 people inside that SUV escaped from the flames. Alex Stone ABC News and This News update is sponsored by Harris Restaurant to go Meals and Harris Restaurant. San Francisco's favorite steak house is now serving to go meals Wednesdays through Sundays. 4 p.m. to 8 P.m. dinner to go what Harris restaurant dot com are called 4156731888. We have some slowdowns to tell you about starting with highway 85 sponsored by Allstate. Here's Kjos. Mark Nieto from the Children Auto Body Traffic desk, A couple of delays in the South Bay thanks to some maintenance work If you're south bound on 85 roadwork in the right lane right around El Camino Real And that's why it's backed up about a half a mile and then South bound 17 at Redwood Estates. It's the right lane shut down for that ongoing maintenance there and backed up Just about a mile or so highway 84 east of 6 80 in this little area roadwork. Both directions are congested in that area, Also in Fremont on North bound 8 80 near Dakota Road. Is a crash there on the shoulder. Luckily that we're not seeing any significant back up and heading into San Francisco. It still looks good at the toll plaza with the meter in lights off and just a minor back up. At the westbound Bay Bridge with Allstate. You can really save new ways to save more ways to save. Find out just how much you can save today. All state you've never been in better hands. Visit all ST dot com or call an agent to get a quote.

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